Comments from customers

“Thank you Peter for carrying out the survey at short notice, and for the clearly laid out and comprehensive report. We have been able to arrange with the vendor to have the defects rectified, and have completed the purchase.”

“Thank you, Peter. That is excellent service. Regards, John”

“Thank you so much for today, it was very helpful to be shown in person, the findings of your survey. Thanks also for completing and sending me the report so quickly. I’ve read it through and am pleased with the thorough detail. Once again, thank you for the excellent service, I’d gladly recommend you to others. Enjoy your holiday! Regards, Teena.”

“Thank you for the report Peter. We will be proceeding with the purchase and have noted jobs to do. We will certainly put your name forward if anyone asks us about boat surveys. Regards Susan and Keith.”

“Modern boats are very complex things with a huge array of systems. Having someone perform the survey who clearly understood the systems was very comforting. The fact that the report was written in a way that we could understand the findings too was a real bonus! Thank you Technical Support – great job at a very fair price.”

“Until I saw the final report I could not imagine how much work was involved in doing a thorough survey. I am very glad we did though, since some of the problems that were highlighted and put right at the vendors expense cost a lot of money – far more than we spent with Technical Support on the survey. Whilst a survey isn’t cheap it certainly makes it very good value for money.”
“I was initially sceptical about using a survey company that wasn’t based right by the boat and was being pressurised to use the local firm. In retrospect it was the best decision I could have made. The distance was no issue for Technical Support; they turned up on time each visit, charged me less than the local firms quoted and delivered an excellent report. All at very short notice. What’s more they actually saved me money, because without the survey I would have been into some pretty hefty bills. With survey in hand I was able to negotiate a fair discount on the purchase to put right the faults. All in all a fantastic service.”
“If having seen what appears to be your dream boat you are overwhelmed by what lies ahead during the purchase then contact Technical Support. They made the whole process so much easier than going it alone. They were there from start to finish and nothing was too much trouble. Having someone there you can contact, who has clearly been through it on many occasions and understands not just the technical part of the survey but what you are actually going through during the purchase process is a huge weight off your shoulders. For us it made buying the boat far less stressful and far more enjoyable. Was it expensive? No! Even had we found no problems it would have been money well spent. With the issues Technical Support found and helped us to get fixed at the seller’s expense, it saved us a fortune. Worth every penny…”

“Finding someone who does what they say they will do,when they say they will do it, at the price they say they will do it for, in the marine industry seems a rare find these days. Peter Brookes of Technical Support did exactly that. Thoroughly recommended.”
“Whilst many of us can spot problems when we are buying a boat, what Technical Support added was the implication of the problems and whether they were likely to be deal breakers.”